The creators of i6FTYOU


We are two creative minds both living in very a small village with one tiny supermarket, a butcher, a baker and a saxophone shop somewhere on this beautiful planet we call earth. One of us grew up in the United States and the other in The Netherlands, Europe, but neither our history or differences matter during this global crisis.

Positive message

What does matter is that we are both intrinsically motivated to create a positive message during this uncertain and scary time. During lock-down we exchanged hours and hours of ideas on the phone. What started with a red heart that quickly transformed into the ‘I 6ft you’ logo. A ‘I 6 ft you’ song sung by people from all over the world soon followed, an animation was made (learning this online), and a storytelling concept created. Within four weeks of lock down our entire ‘I 6 ft you’ campaign was born.

We tried not to work

This is not a work related assignment, an order from the government, or financially supported by anyone except ourselves. We are just two artists hoping to have created something fun, positive and loving and maybe…just maybe bringing a smile to someone somewhere in the world.

We 6 ft you— Hans and Mylène

A special thanks to Frank

A special thanks to our good friend and amazing music composer Frank van Wanrooij – The Netherlands. What started out as a small favor, soon turned into a major production. Composing a song with styles from across the globe, finding singers to match, and putting it all together. We are forever grateful for all your patience, talent and love.

Thank you.